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by Lecia | A Day That is Dessert Colenimo S/S 2013 “oh the woes of a ship-sailed man, for the seas to crash upon the land, and here I search clouded by smoke, until I rest my oars will stroke.” - Rakishi, 1937. this is my combination of things that make a ship and her sailor. #literature #design #illustration #design #minimalism #craft #ocean #sea AW’12 photo shoot in Dungeness “Should i burn it… or…” Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander; 1955. A man & his dog | from my colletion L&B

All memory lies.

All memory lies. It paints nice colors over the ugly or disturbing things. Or it cleverly distorts them; bends and twists them, so that they fit better into the convenient history we’re all continuously writing and amending of our lives. No matter who you are, your memory is always and for everything an unreliable witness. Never trust it to tell the truth about who you are or how you got here.
Jonathan Carroll ( from the new book )

donna karan S13 ~ photo by jamie beck
 Anna Zajac


A Clean Slate (by GaryTumilty)

joice.barcelona summer 2011

Some antipasti….

Little Brother Cruiser Polka Dot Chambray Shirt.